Cloud Capital: 2020 Rewind

Cloud Capital’s activity in 2020:

  • Deployed ~$1.75M in 11 months
  • Invested in 9 startups + participated in 2 follow-on rounds
  • Aggregate portfolio market cap of $110M
  • Round split: 3 Pre-seed + 4 Seed + 3 pre-Series A+ 1 Series A
  • Median cheque size of $150k
  • 55% B2B companies + ~45% B2C
  • 66% co-invested with institutional investors such as Accel India, GFC, SRI Capital, Venture Highway, etc.
  • 3 startups already raised follow-on rounds from Sequoia India, Redpoint Ventures, Accel India, and other undisclosed institutional investors

Few of our disclosed investments:

  • Fitso (Sports): Building a full-stack sports ecosystem in India
  • Rupifi (Fintech): Financial products for SMEs
  • Airmeet (SaaS / Productivity): Remote collaboration platform to host virtual events
  • Omnify (SMB SaaS): Booking management and commerce for recreational facilities

Experience as a Solo-capitalist:

  • Conjuring conviction quickly is an under-appreciated skill. You can’t build conviction out of thin air if you’re unaware of the market and its dynamics; your thesis on markets gets polished every single day via micro-tasks such as interacting with startups, reading news, studying reports, etc. But a conviction for a startup can be built supremely quick, especially if you have your groundwork sorted. This is also infectious because focussed founders who are resolute about their mission most likely have their fundraising round cooked up and appreciate investors who can jump aboard quickly without wasting much time.
  • You feel it in your gut. You can feel yourself getting excited about a particular opportunity over a call with the founders or while asynchronously studying a company’s deck. I realized that I mostly ended up investing in companies where I was totally blown away in my very first interactions with a team. Disclaimer — this may not always hold true.
  • Making introductions to prospect co-investors: At first, I used to make quick email introductions post a double opt-in from either party but off late, I have started writing elaborate introductions. Your conviction and excitement for an opportunity needs to be conveyed to the ones you are introducing to, otherwise, you’re just another source of vague dealflow. Got inspired by going through Paul Graham’s emails to Fred Wilson introducing Airbnb.
  • Get on those brainstorming sessions with founders whenever you get an opportunity to! — a simple catch-up call with founders can turn into an extended conversation about go-to-market, constructing rounds, sales strategies, etc. Probably the fastest way to accelerate your on-ground learnings.



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