2019 Rewind: VC, Newsletters, and Cloud Capital

  • Studying 60+ Investments
    A typical VC would usually write 6–10 cheques a year, depending on the stage focus. Here I was reading over 1 investment memo a week, widespread across multiple stages and sectors. Deal memos, Syndicate pitches, round dynamics, investment documents — infinite data to absorb. A complete fresher in the VC world like me couldn’t have asked for better exposure.
  • Keep Calm and Source Capital
    Understanding the psyche of angel investors and helping them comprehend nuances or opportunities of various deals gives you great insights into an investor’s decision-making process. I have already had the pleasure of connecting with very such individuals; veteran and even first-time investors.
  • Help Host Angel Funds
    Evangelizing Angel Funds this early in my journey gives the satisfaction of creating ample opportunities within the ecosystem for quality-liquidity and empowering aspiring Fund Operators to raise a sizeable corpus and seamlessly invest in startups.
  1. Cloud Capital: Recently launched my own Syndicate for early-stage investments. Currently under-going our first deal, give a shoutout if you’re interested to learn more :)
  2. Yet Another Newsletter: Subscribe to my weekly newsletter on startups, venture capital, and technology. After multiple attempts in the past to cultivate a discipline of writing, the newsletter so far has been an initiative that I am quite proud of
  3. Angel Portfolio: I made investments in some very exciting startups; Mall91 and OYE Rickshaw (both through Utsav Somani’s Syndicate)
  4. Forbes Coverage: Probably the highlight of the year, who doesn’t love some good PR? :)
  5. AngelList India Off-site: Earlier this year, the entire AngelList India team spent some quality time at Taj Coorg, sipping jaggery-tea and visiting coffee plantations



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Kashish Sharma

Kashish Sharma

Venture Growth @AngelList India | Partner @Cloud_Capital